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  • Wake Tech Dental Hygiene Dept in Raleigh, NC

  • NC Dental U- Wake Forrest, NC

  • NC State Veterinary HospitalHealth and Wellness CenterDentistry and Oral Surgery Service


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"Inventor bringing better, safer, medtech device for x-rays to market"


Everyone here at LunaLiteDentVet is passionate about creating a safe, easy, and enjoyable experience for both our customers and the patients they care for. Our team works around the clock to tackle new challenges and solve unforeseen problems. Not only do we continue to improve LunaLite technology, but we also devote time and resources towards pioneering new systems that can further benefit and provide greater care for our furry and non-furry friends.


LunaLiteDV helps alleviate that weird, uncomfortable feeling most patients experience while having dental x-rays taken. Our device allows dentists and vets to more accurately align the angle for intraoral x-rays and can be strapped and nestled around the existing conehead of the x-ray machine. 

Rinn holders and XCP holders are usually used to position the dental x-ray machine for proper bisecting and paralleling techniques, which often causes a great deal of pain or discomfort for most patients – especially when the procedure requires several re-takes, which means more sitting in the chair, more exposure to radiation, and more time wasted for both the doctor and the patient. 

LunaLiteDV employs special embedded firmware to detect the proper angles for each anatomical quadrant while using bisecting and paralleling techniques. Once the doctor aligns the conehead of the x-ray machine, LunaLiteDV finds the proper degree of angulation, and laser light will appear on the patient’s anatomy, and a beep will sound off indicating the

x-ray is safe to be taken. 

After thorough testing, LunaLiteDV has proven to provide accuracy, with minimal-to-zero re-takes and cone cuts, and without utilizing antiquated Rinn holders. 

This technological breakthrough not only allows dentists and veterinarians the freedom to work more accurately and with greater efficiency, but it also reduces radiation exposure and provides a more positive experience overall for patients. 




Suzanne Cano, Founder/Creator of Luna*Lite 

Suzanne specialized in dental imaging and for nearly three decades  was responsible for sales in various geographical locations such as LA, Chicago, and New York. She’s also devoted a great deal of time to building teams of talented customer and sales representatives, in addition to developing supplemental 
online training content. 

After 27 years of sales, Suzanne decided it was time to be her own boss, and in the best tradition of tech pioneers who blazed trails before her, Suzanne invented and patented a new unique imaging device for exclusive use in the dental and veterinary fields. Thus, LunaLiteDV was born.  

Suzanne holds a BA in Liberal Arts from the University of Illinois. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, reading, mini vacations, and spending time with her two dogs and two cats. 



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